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Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson is the editor of Postcards from the Fringe. He’s a former London banker and money manager. He’s currently traveling around the world with his ex-wife, three kids, and a suitcase.

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Expect Zero Returns From Stocks and Bonds Over the Next 12 Years

Yesterday I published a long-term chart of the Crestmont P/E ratio. It shows we’re right at the top of the third stock market bubble in American history.

Stick to Your Investing Philosophy, No Matter What

Focus on the process, not the results...

Three Ways You Can Buy Gold

There are three main categories of physical gold you can choose from…

How to Profit From Gold’s Move Higher

Hint: Don't buy call options...

Recession Indicators Steadily Increase

There are four to six recessions in a "valuations bear market" ... and we've already had two...

We Hiked With the Kids in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Our trip really strengthened the kids' mental toughness...

Increasing Government Debt Makes Gold A Crucial Investment

The dollar's value declines as debt rises, making gold a stable store of wealth...