Bill Bonner's Diary

Another “Patriotic” Step on the Road to Tyranny

First, a quick look at the markets. The Dow rose 66 points yesterday. Gold stayed flat. Will we be proved right? Has the US stock market turned? Have Treasurys finally entered a bear market? And gold – has it resumed its upward march? Maybe! Stay tuned.


Our operating hunch is that US stocks, Treasurys and gold have all turned over recent months. After 33 years of falling, Treasury yields are now climbing higher... After two years of correcting, gold prices are rising again.... And after 4 years… or 12 years… or 31 years of rising prices, depending on how you count it, US stocks are starting to look...

Are Dividend Investors Foolish?

“Howard, I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. All I got was menu after menu. But there’s no off switch.” Today’s beef is with today’s world. It is a world of so many labor-saving devices that we must work night and day to keep up with them. They must be bought. Then serviced. Then repaired. Then replaced...

What the Bond Sell-Off Means for Stocks

The Dow dropped 71 points yesterday. Treasury prices continued to slide. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note (which moves in the opposite direction to prices) hit a two-year high of 2.88%. And gold held steady at $1,365 an ounce.

In Praise of America’s Political Perverts

We’re back in the US after a delightful summer in Europe. Americans get much less wound up by important matters than they do by trivial ones. Barely had we stepped off the plane when we were struck by the latest trifling national emergency.

Stay Away From This Gambler’s Market

We expected the summer trading to drag on… and the markets to set off on their new trends in September: stocks down. Bonds down. Gold up. Looks like they’ve decided to steal a march on investors. Yesterday, stocks and bonds fell hard. Gold up $27 an ounce. The New York Times reports:

Why I’m Still a Gold Bull

Yesterday, we closed up the house and began our trip back to the US. This morning we are in Paris. But the City of Lights is as empty and lifeless as Senate hearing. It is a holiday in France: the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary… on which the mother of Jesus was “assumed” into the...