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We Defy Any Other Investment Service in the World to Show Us Such a Response From Its Readers

I absolutely love [your] articles and insights, especially Bill's daily Diary, which has been my most valuable read every day of the week.

Pierre L.

My near-obligatory appreciation for the enjoyment and benefit of your daily tales and musings for these nearly 20 past years.

Chris H.

Bill, I want to congratulate you on an excellent observation of the political scene and the baloney we are being fed daily by the compliant media.

Erich K.

Bill, as usual, your missive is entertaining, smart and full of clear observations and inferences.

Chris H.

Thank you Bill Bonner! Truer words were never spoken. Your daily insights brighten up my day! Thank you and please continue.

Egbert U.

I have been enjoying, and been educated by your writings these many years. I very much appreciate the independent thought and episodic re-visits of history.

Laurie F.

I will make this very short, "OUTSTANDING NEWSLETTER".

Rick B.

Just keep telling it like you see it!!! I look forward to your newsletter every day. So much so that weekends seem to be void of logic and wisdom.

Gerry S.

Keep up the good work. Now, more than ever, we need honest, fearless communication on the status of our country and the world.

Hebron C.

For a couple of decades I have read Bill's contributions to the betterment of mankind. I find him entertaining, amusing and most often thought provoking.

Charles S.

Dear Mr. Bonner, for me, you have all the lines correctly connecting the dots. I feel privileged to read your column.

George F.

I love reading your emails, I feel like I am informed of the world situation.

Donald W.

Bill, You need to add a "Like" button to your Diary entries.

Dennis T.