Over the next few days, you’ll see a kind of “cosmetic” change across our site.

Don’t worry. You’ll still get absolutely everything you get right now. But going forward, we’ll be calling ourselves “Rogue Economics.”

Longtime readers will recognize the idea of rogue economics…

Bill launched the Diary of a Rogue Economist in 2013, to just a few thousand subscribers, when he formed his own boutique publishing business.

Over the last seven years, his daily diaries (which became Bill Bonner’s Diary in 2015) have reached millions of readers. And his small, niche business has grown into one of the largest and most successful publishers in the industry.

As part of that growth, we’ve introduced new voices, like tech expert Jeff Brown and world-traveler Tom Dyson.

Our e-letter readers also hear regularly from famed speculator and “anarcho-capitalist” Doug Casey, crypto guru Teeka Tiwari, longtime trader Jeff Clark, commodity analyst Dave Forest, and many others…

In other words, we’ve been sharing more than just Bill’s ideas. And it’s time for our name to reflect that.

You’ll still find Bill – his stories, insights, and wisdom – where you always have. It’ll just have a slightly different look.

And you can expect more unique ideas from other big thinkers in our pages.

Best regards,


Amber Lee Mason

P.S. As always, let us know what you think – good or bad – right here: [email protected].